A wrapper around the Google Visualization API to support overlaying multiple data sets.

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// Create your graph by specifying the DIV and title
var graph = new gvizPlus.Graph('graphDiv', 'Google Viz Plus Graph');

// Set any properties
graph.width = window.innerWidth - 50;
graph.height = window.innerHeight;

// Initialize the dataset
var dataSet = new gvizPlus.DataSet(hAxis);

// Set your own colors if you don't like the defaults

// Grouping lines by categories
dataSet.addCategory('Chart 1 Category', [lineA, lineB], set1);
dataSet.addCategory('Chart 2 Category', [lineC, lineD, lineE], set2);

// You can even group lines in different axes
dataSet.addAxis('Axis 1', [lineA, lineC, lineD]);
dataSet.addAxis('Axis 2', [lineB]);

// Then render


See it in action here.